Subin Moon is a multidisciplinary designer based in Seoul KR, talks about Body, Space and Emotions.

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My Body Love Journal / 2018

Type: Story telling, Self Driven Project, Book Design

Output: Book, Post card

Book design

English ver.

Illustrations for Post card

What is this?

Essay with illustration and photos. It’s a book that summarizes my 15 years of story and fragments of ideas.

Why did I create this?

I wanted to introduce body shaming and body image which are unfamiliar definitions in Korea. I started with the goal of self-therapy, but I want to help people like me by sharing personal experiences. 

How does it work?

In the book, I still don't have an answer on how to love myself, but I put my tryouts, regrets, failures, overcomings. By opening up about one's true emotions and experiences, readers can sympathize, get the courage to speak up like #metoo movements influenced by people. This is not only a book but a media.


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