Subin Moon is a multidisciplinary designer based in Seoul KR, talks about Body, Space and Emotions.

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Hello stranger 🙌, welcome to Moon’s work.

Subin Moon is a multidisciplinary designer based in KR, specializes in Branding, Graphic, Marketing, and Package design.
She received B.A. in Visual Communication Design from the Kookmin University 🇰🇷 and finished exchange program in Communication, Media and Information Technology from the Hogeschool Rotterdam 🇳🇱. 
Previously, she worked for DSIGN Branding in Hong Kong 🇭🇰, as a Brand designer. Shortly after she moved to Familjen (advertisement agency in Stockholm 🇸🇪) to continuously work as a Brand designer. 

Open to any fun projects or inquiries.

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So here’s a quick summary about my work

> Story telling is her essential design aspact, by telling a story of one’s most personal experience to drive solidarity. It’s a key to open others heart and to communicate. 

> To think outside of the box and to refind pure joy of creating, she continued doing individual projects. It’s mainly about body and emotions, using different materials. 

> She is interested in spatial design, exhibition design, brand campaigns, or Brand eXperience design. Hope she can do fun projects about space and human-interactions in the future.